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Millersville Headquarters NMLS: 185076

About Us

1111 Benfield Blvd #106
Millersville, MD 21108
Director of Operations: Natalie Rathell

Millersville – Loan Officers

Loan Officer Job Title NMLS ID Website
Jeff Parker Branch Manager 219892 jparker.ffiloans.com
Natalie Rathell Operations Officer 229467 natalierathell.ffiloans.com
Lyn Graham Loan Officer 77145 lgraham.ffiloans.com
Steve Potorti Loan Officer 229460 spotorti.ffiloans.com
Craig Jenkins Loan Officer  197149  cjenkins.ffiloans.com
Jessica Franco Loan Officer  1432413  jfranco.ffiloans.com
Pat Joyce Loan Officer  197039  pjoyce.ffiloans.com
Brianna Fischer Loan Officer 1126115 bfischer.ffiloans.com
Tarik Walker Loan Officer 455909 twalker.ffiloans.com